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  • Hi, this is Prithika from Pune. I’m 19 years old. Although I’m quite good looking but I used to have a dark complexion. I tried many fairness creams but got frustrated with them. But this nafia magic fairness cream is comparatively better than the other products. After using it for nearly 14 days I found my complexion has got very improved. i became fair morethan 20 times than my original complexion.and my skin has become so smooth and soft jsut like an small baby skin thanks to
    prithika ghosal, model, mumbai


When I visited the site of I got confused. I didn’t believe that a fairness cream can really brings fairness. But with a common interest I just started using it and surprisingly seen a change in my skin complexion, my skin is glowing!! and my skin has soft and so smoooooooth Really it’s not a just 12 days i got the result. .see u wont believ unless u use the product personally u can understand the meaning of my words –

usha Sharma, doctor Gujarat

This is asha bedi from Kerala. I was using a st. dalfour cream in order to get rid of dark complexion. Earlier it was working well. THEN ON LONG RUN U BECAME VERY DARK THAN MY ORIGINAL COMPLEXION. and also started loosing its attractiveness. Then one of my friends suggested me to use NAFIA MAGIC FAIRNESS CREAM. Oh!! The product is really good. After using it for couple of weeks I’ve BECOME 30 TIMES FAIR THAN MY ORIGINAL COMPLEXION. infact now i am looking like an celeberity , i think i shld try in movies Thanks to ultimate for getting my celebrity look in my face.
asha bedi, student, chennai

this is kiran rathod basically i am wheatish complexion i got the result in 13 days. actually i became more dark in complexion due to sun effect that resulted dark tanning aftr 14 days i becam more fair than what i am and my skin has become soft and smooth.. every one askes me in college what the secret of my fairness i kept as secret bcoz i need to look smart and handsome infront of girls.and very much exciting feature of this product is not to use the daily the product to use weekly once or twice 2 maintain that colour in lifetime.

kiran rathod, enginnerring student, bangalore

hi this is aishwarya. my complexion is rich dark in complexion. i purchased this product i got the result in 25 days. i became so much fair such that i can see the difference between a black and white colour that much result i got .then mine engagement was over and my pionce did not expect an single ruppe as dehage and infact he was saying that i amgetting this much beatiful girl where money has no valve for her beauty. thanks to nafia magic fairness cream
aishwarya, ceo of icurrent software, jaipur.
my name is ayesha. i was in wheatish complexion. i was very much curios abt some celebrites like bipasha basu who is actually dark in compexion but in movies they look very fair and fair, i thought how then one of friend who is an fashion designmer recommended me to use nafiamagic fairness cream.
my god my god i did not expect that much result i got, and for ur kind information i am working as an serial artist in star plus channel.
ayesha, serial artist, star plus
my name is abdul gafoor. i was suffering from acne. scars onmy face which was giving me the depresiion bcoz of ugly face them doctor despande has recommended me to use nafia magic fairness i got result in 25 days and my skin is smooth and all scars on my face has vanished way completely. it has increased me the self confidence. abhi mere friend kehte hi kya re chikne!!
abdul gafoor, senior marketing executive, uti bank

hi my name is sunil.ACTUALLY MY SKIN SO HYPERSENSITIVE EVEN IF I APPLY FAIR AND LOVELY AND GARNIER, NEUTROGENA, PONDS FLAWLES BEATY WHITE ETC TO MY face i get rashes and allergy, but when i applied nafia magic fairness cream i did not get any rash and i got my fair complexion in 15 days and my skin so smooth now i am very happy that nafia magic fairness cream is suitable fr hypersenstive skin also i think it has more natural ingredients than harmful chemicals.