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Nafia Magic Fairness Cream 4X Advanced 30

Rs. 499


Rs. 650

Nafia Magic Fairness Cream 30 gms

Rs. 699

Nafia Magic Fairness Cream 4X Advanced 30

Rs. 499


Rs. 650

Nafia Magic Fairness Cream 30 gms

Rs. 699

Nafia Magic Fairness Cream 4X Advanced 60 gms

Rs. 1349

Nafia Magic Fairness Cream 4X Advanced 60 gms

Rs. 1349

How to Use

Nafia Creams Usage Phase:

A) Intensive Phase: First apply you daily till custaomer satisfies with fair complexion achived. (Normally 14 to 35 days depends upon skin color.)

B) Maintenance Phase: Apply twice or thrice weekly to maintain color complexion.

Note: Customer will pay high price only intensive phase and where as maintainence phase per use he will spend about 1$ only very very cheap


  1. Please use one scrubber or exfoliant or apricot or astringent on your face to remove dead skin cells & dirt : – Should be massaged for 15 min normal face wash & your face will becomes clear now.
    Use morning & evening then from next day start our Nafia product using best results you can see.
    Note: Above product should be used only once before starting course of our product Nafia.
  2. Please wash your face, dry and after take little amount of cream with ur index finger and apply multiple medium size dots on the face such that one half of the face 12 to 15 dots and other half of face 12 to 15 dots then spread each dot to dot with the same index finger used then u will get an uniform face mask like and leave it for 6 to 10 Hours & than do face wash as usual with your normal soap or face wash gel. apply cream before going to bed i.e. at night time.
  3. For Gents please shave your moustache and beard for every two days to get total even fairness. Otherwise there may not have change in color in moustache and beard area
  4. Don’t Apply Vaseline or any lip care because interference may occur
  5. If you are applying fairness cream for the first time than please avoid maximum direct exposure to sun for first fifteen days
  6. When you are exposed to sun apply sunscreen lotion of min spf 15 to max spf 40. Please apply sunscreen for every four hours because sunscreen works only for 4 Hr than afterwards you reapply on that if you are exposed to sun continuously.
    Please store the product between the temperature range of 12 Celsius to 38 Celsius, If hot store the product in a refrigerator in a plastic Cover (But not in deep freezer)


A) Apply at night time because low temperature and high moisture.
B) Avoid sweating when cream is applied.
C) Apply for 10 to 15 Hrs Duration.
D) Clean shave for men for every two days.
E) Apply the cream uniformly and evenly.
F) Apply the cream in high cone, where skin darkness is present in high conc.
G) Use sun screen of SPF 15 to SPF 4o whenever you are exposed to direct sun.
H) Apply cream Daily without any fail.
I) Don’t use sunscreen when you are applying the cream daily (intensive phase).
J) Use exfoliater before starting the course of nafia.
K) Screen only when you apply cream weekly once/twice (Maintenance Phase).



A) You can apply at any time no issues but avoid sweating.

A) In intensive phase you should not apply nothing till u get good complexion, when you are in maintenance phase u can apply anything except chemical bleaching and peeling.

A) You can apply but the thing is where the point of nafia cream mixes or coincides with lip care gel there will be burning sensation in that area to relieve from burning pain just scrap of the cream in the mixing area of both.

A) The increased amount of oil you get it tells about the increased working capacity of cream. And that much result u can expect from the product

A) the failure reasons may be due to a)inc thick dirt b) late night sleep c)increased work load tension d) high BP e)non application of cream in that area f) non application of sun screen in that area when you are exposed to sun

A) please don’t do like this and in summer season actually you should apply of spf 40 but spf 30 is enough we recommended to use sun screen of lotus brand ( by using other brand sunscreens they are becoming dark on long duration that’s we recommended lotus brand)

A) Yes definitely for boy’s need to do clean shave, not even trimming also. because when u apply the cream on hair or moustache the cream does not touch the skin completely so when you become fair in complexion at that time if u decided to do complete clean shave then u can find dark spots it is because the cream has not been applied on that area. If u decides that u never want to shave your mustache then nothing to worry.

A) If minor take ear bud and just scrap on the eye, if burning sensation present rinse with water.

A) You should not do like this and all the dust and bacteria will stick to your skin and it may lead to a problem!

A) You can apply on the lips but apply the cream on lips till your satisfaction color of lips achieved.

A) As you said that you are roaming continuously in sun then we prefer to use sun screen of spf 40 conc. As in summer it is to hot and re apply sunscreen for every 4 hours when you are exposed continuously to sun. Easy free tip: cover your face with hand kerchief or wear an helmet if you are  on bike when sun screen not available with you.

A) Ingredients: mulberry extract, liquorices, kesar, aqua, butyl tocopherol, polycottonseeddate, mica, c13,14 isoparaffin, dmtm hydantoin, dimethicone,glycerin, zinc oxide, tocopheryl acetate, dimethiconol, myristyl alcohol, butylene glycol,laureth 7, disodium edta, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, oleth 3 phosphate, parfum, alpha iso methylionone, vit e, isopropyl palmitate, morus alba, ptfe, niacinamide, sucrose,arachidyl alcohol,stearth 2, stearth 21. The main ingredient is extracted from mulberry whaich is an herbal natural ingredient so no side effects at all And the product is free from

A) Mercuric oxides— a potent harmful chemical used for skin whitening available in markets for Rs 20 only the problem is your skin complexion skin layer will automatically peel of just like an banana and it leaves reddish scar allergy spots.

B) Benzohydroquinones: this an chemical compound used bleaching creams. A potent skin carcinogenic agents. Experts recommend to use only once for 15 days but if you use this product daily for 5 years duration then defiantly you will get skin cancers like malignant melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. World wide accepted composition it is 3% only but some companies are preparing bleaching products with 5%. If any product if it contains benzo hydroquinone your skin automatically starts burning sensation on the skin.plz don’t buy unbranded creams because if any part of body damages u can hide it but if damage occurs on your face who is responsible???? So think twice and buy only branded products (and be aware of some fake people they use the big company brands and they sell the cheap harmful. Ask for product ingredients)

A) We recommend to use first on all dark spots till it reaches to your normal skin complexion afterwards then u can apply uniformly all over the face then u get the uniform fairness result.

a) good question if u r apply cream with the help of palm or 2 or more fingers what will happen all working ingredients cream gets stricken to your palm only so which is of no use even if you apply like for 2 months also u wont become fair if you apply with one finger you will get more result.

A) Nothing happens you will get your original skin complexion after 2 months of duration. The complexion of your face slowly gets dimmed and dimmed till you get your original complexion. But don’t be in a feel that you become more dark if you discontinue, those all r false allegations we recommended you to use at least weekly once or twice to maintain that color complexion.

A) Why not you can easily apply because our product does not contain any harmful skin carcinogenic chemicals even that if you are having still fear then you can apply cream under the neck of an area of 2*2 cms and leave it for 8 hrs and see for any effects. But 100% we are sure you won’t get any thing. Since 5 years till now no one customer also did not complained anything.

A) When you are using our product daily no need to use. But when you are in maintenance phase i.e. you will be applying cream weekly once / twice then you need to use daily. We recommended lotus brand spf 25 with skin lightening.

A) In intensive phase (when you are using our product daily) you should not apply any cream, lotion & not even powder also.
In maintenance phase (when you are using our product weekly once / twice) you can apply what you want except facial bleach & chemical peeling. Please avoid these.

Please use exfoliates for 3 days before and then starts using nafia and use exfoliator for every 13 to 15 days for face and every 5 to 6 days for neck/hands/leg/body . even if you the exfoliator before using nafia did not get result. We can suspect an infection or your skin showing increased resistances please contact us we find you the solution

A) On 5th or 6th days your skin starts to become smooth & soft. On 9th or 10 day light glow starts. On 13th or 14th day. Your complexion look changes completely into rich fairness complexion.  if you did not find any of them changes please contact us we will find you the solution with our dermatologist.

A) Yes 100% you can become fair but it takes around 25 to 35 days to use. The full results when more melanin is to be removed from your skin cells to look fair.

A) Absolutely no because instantly your fairness will go off just like switching of an light in an dark room.

A) yes you can use all over body including genital areas also.

A)Which part of the body exposed to sun u should apply sun screen for every 4 hrs.

A) Different areas in body has different skin thickness and u will get the result but depends upon skin thicknes.

example: If u apply the cream on your 1. Fingers you will get result within 7 days 2. On buttocks/back/thighs where skin is thick it may take 20 to 25 days also **** Results may vary person to person based on skin thickness.

A) You will become 24 shades more fairer with nafia 3x and become 4 to 8 = 8 shades fairer with normal nafia

A) We highly recommend to store the product in the refrigerator if not available store the product in a cool place.

A) Normally do more number of frequent face washes/days. Use Neosporin / Soframycin Ointment over the pimples will go off with our have any scar with in 24 to 48 hours. * If the pimple does not go off after 2 days also we can suspect that pimples are due to acne, and then you need to contact us for support. We will help you.


A) With Nafia pills you can expect fairness up to 8 Shades to get faster results. Take morning Pills & Night pills twice in dosage.


A) Absolutely NO any side effects even pregnant women can take.


A) If depends upon the client but according to our experience customer who wants to become fully fair complexion, we recommended Nafia 3X Advanced fairness cream.




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